Florida Swimming

Senior Group | 14+ 

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7:00PM 9-11:30AM


Group Description: 

The Senior group is comprised of swimmers ages 14-18. Swimmers in this group are striving to achieve Senior champs/sectionals and nationals cuts. Swimmers are introduced to more advanced mental and physical training concepts, and they will learn how to maximize these skills. Goal setting and race strategies also continue to be developed. Workouts are designed to improve endurance, speed and stroke technique. 


Swim all four competitive strokes legally. Must be able to perform competitive turns. Swim meet attendance is required.

Required Equipment:

Kickboard, Mesh Equipment Bag, Fins (Finis floating fins), Pull Buoy, Caps and Goggles, Water Bottle, Snorkel, Finger Paddle

Gear included in registration:

2 T-shirts, 1 Swim Cap, 1 Swim suit, 1 Backpack - View here + Access to Swim Technology Tracking

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