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SwimRise Aquatics Competitive Team Groups 

Competitive Swim Team

Ages Group Name Monday Tuesday Wedesday Thurs Friday Sat Sun
6-9 years Sunrise Development 4-5PM x 4-5PM x 4-5PM x x
9-11 years Sunshine Junior 4-5:30 4:30-6 4-5:30 4:30-6 4-5:30 x x
11-14 Age Group Performance 5-7:00 5-7:00 5-7:00 5-7:00 5-7PM 9-11:30AM x
14& over Senior Group 5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7:30PM 5-7PM 9-11:30AM


18+ Masters & Tri 6:00-7:00PM 6:00-7:00PM 6:00-7:00PM 6:00-7:00PM x x x

RISE-UP Prep Team

Ages Group    Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Sat Sun
6+ years RISE-UP Prep Team 4-5PM x 4-5PM x 4-5PM x x

Fees per group

Group Annual Reg Monthly Fee Gear included
Sunrise Development $250 $100 2 T-shirts, 1 cap, 1 suit, 1 backpack
Sunshine Junior $250 $125 2 T-shirts, 1 cap, 1 suit, 1 backpack
Age Group Performance $250 $175 2 T-shirts, 1 cap, 1 suit, 1 backpack
Senior Group $250 $195 2 T-shirts, 1 cap, 1 suit, 1 backpack, +track
RISE-UP Prep Team $100  ** $150 2 T-shirts, 1 cap  **
Masters Swim Team $50 $75 1 T-shirt, 1 cap

** RISE-UP Prep Team  (Upon move-up to competitive team remaining registration fee of $150 will be charged and monthly dues will be adjusted to reflect the new group rate. (you will then receive the team backpack and team suit!)

*** USA Swimming Registration is required for all groups, USMS registration required for Masters even if not competing.



+ Age Group Performance and Senior Group will have access to Swim TechnologyTracking App -  (swimming data technology that offers advanced algorithms for advanced swimming performance and track heart rate monitoring.)  

Register Here SwimRise Aquatics - Competitive Registration

*Tryouts/ Evaluation is required Tryout info here  Contact Coach Junior to set up an evaluation for your child.  [email protected]