Florida Swimming

Our mission at SwimRise Aquatics is to encourage elite level training and life-long skills in the water and in the community. SwimRise Aquatics takes a 'whole-person approach' to coaching by maintaining a daily rhythm to training and mentality. Rising each morning to pursue goals, empowered by trust and resilience.

When properly supported, the power of participating in sports fosters confidence, discipline, and leadership. These strengths are then carried into the classroom, community, and their future roles in the world.



Our mission as an inclusive athletic program is to develop programs that foster independence and confidence for neurodiverse athletes and those with disabilities. Our goal is to provide opportunities to swim in a safe and inclusive team environment. 

Our Summer League Team, The Starfish welcomes neuro-diversity and swimmers of all abilities, by tailoring the training to your child's individual needs. We will provide buddies in the water or on the pool deck and/or flotations to be more inclusive both at practice and at home meets.