Florida Swimming


Rise-Up Prep Team | 6+ 


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
4-5PM   4-5PM   4-5PM  


Group Description: 

This group is designed for swimmers whose goal is to join the competitive swim team. After an initial tryout our coaches will suggest participation in the Rise-Up Prep Team if not ready for the Swim Team. (Eligibility for the swim team is at the coaches discretion and dependent on tryout of 25 yd freestyle and backstroke unassisted.)

The Rise-Up Prep Team will prepare new swimmers for the swim practice environment with a 1 hour practice, 45 min for swimming with 15 min reserved for teaching fundamentals of swimming. The main focus for this group will be to learn how to swim freestyle with bilateral breathing and backstroke independently.

Practices are geared to create an enjoyable atmosphere.


Tryout dependent, comfortable in the water, unassisted with no floatation devices. (proper strokes not required).

Required Equipment:

Kickboard, Fins (Finis floating fins), Caps and Goggles, Water Bottle

Gear included in registration:

1 T-shirt, 1 Swim Cap  

The partial registration Fee is $100 and Monthly Dues are $150

*Upon move-up to competitive team you will be required to pay the remaining registration fee difference of $150 to secure your spot on the team and you will receive the team backpack and team suit! You will also need to register with USA Swimming. Monthly dues will be adjusted to reflect the Group rate. 

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